How To Earn From Forex

Through Fully Automatic Modern EA Systems Of MT4
Special Training Classes For All Levels By Pay2earn Network

Introductory Class Free For All Levels:

1- Introduction of Forex market
2- How to invest and earn ?
3- How to select and join best broker?
4- How to use MT4 platform?
5- How to open your demo account?
6- How to open your real account?
7- How to get deposit and withdraw?
8- How to check account status and earning report?
9- How to find and study Forex news?
10-Benefits of automatic trading
11-FAQs and Level Assessment

Training For Basic Level:

Charges: 50$
Duration: 3 sessions

1- Knowledge of essential trading terminologies
2- Basic skills to trade?
3- How to make and analyze account history
4- How to use best market indicator for trading?
5- How to trade on candlesticks6- Skill to trade on market news
7- Skill to use pay2earn special trading logics for profitable Forex

  • Profit Crown T4
    Profit Mountain T28

  • 8- How to use trading tool of Pay2earn Mr. Dollar
    9- How to trade on gold with 10$ balance
    10-Final Demo task for skill assessments 

Training For Advance Level:

Charges:  250$
Duration: 3 sessions

1- Benefits of EA trading
2- Types of modern EA systems and there working logics
3- How to use EA systems on MT4 for fully automatic trading
4- Knowledge of trading parameters and EA settings
5- How to make data report of any pair from history center
6- How to find or calculate RS/Pivot points of any pair
7- Skill to control and manage your EA system in dynamic market condition
8- Skill to use Pay2earn Knight Rider settings
9- How to use Pay2earn news trader10-Final Demo task for skill assessments 

Training For Professional Level:

Charges: 500$
Duration: 3 sessions

1-How to use and manage VPS base EA system for 24hrs trading
2-How to control your risk and profit in different market conditions
3-How to understand market pulse , volatility and news effects .
4-How to calculate your profit and risk before trading to make best EA settings.
5-How to create and use set files
6-How to get and configure VPS for multi account management
7-How to provide trading services to other customer.
8-Final Assignment for skill assessments

Training for Executive Level:

Charges: 1000$
Duration: 3 sessions

1-How to provide global trading services through your EA system
2-How to manage multi Forex accounts through ea system 
3-How to get benefit of referral and rebates
4-How to find global clients
5-Knowledge of security concerns.


1-Fee will be non refundable for all level
2-Each training level is complete to start earning   
3-Cost of any EA system will be separate to fee